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Exciting things going on down at the old hardware store in Arapahoe.

Business partners Mike Lenox and Bryan McCormick recently purchased the Trustworthy Hardware store that has been vacant for many years. Lenox has ties to the town, as his mother-in-law, Heidi Thomas, resides in Arapahoe. Thomas has had her eyes on the building for years, stated Lenox. When Thomas mentioned to Lenox that there was a vacant hardware store with run down apartments upstairs, Lenox knew he had to see the place. They were able to schedule a walk through of the building and while he knew there was a hefty amount of work that needed to be done, he felt there was something very special about the building.

When Lenox returned home to Arizona, he shared his vision of the hardware store with his business partner, McCormick and he fell in love with the building as quickly as Lenox did. The two made another trip back to Arapahoe to look over the building together and calculate the scope of work ahead of them. After considerable discussion, the business partners decided they wanted to attempt to purchase and take on the incredible task of restoring the building and bring it back to life. Lenox and McCormick acquired the building in September of 2017.

One of the most incredible projects that have come along with the purchase of the building has been the research of the history that is constantly a never-ending discovery. The more work they do, the more they uncover the rich history of the building.

Read more about the project in the print edition of the Arapahoe Public Mirror.


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