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City Council Meets, Discussion of LARM Board and Fire Barn Upkeep

The regular Arapahoe City Council meeting was called to order on Tuesday, March 6, 2017 by Mayor John E. Koller. Council members in attendance were John Paulsen, Ward Carpenter, Chris Middagh, Todd Monie, Troy tenBensel and Dan Kreutzer. Also attending was City Superintendent Greg Schievelbein, City Clerk and Treasurer Donna Tannahill and City Attorney Kevin Urbom.  Koller made everyone aware of the open meeting act.

The Council approved the following agenda items:

Minutes from the February 20, 2017 regular meeting.

Claims and payroll from the period of 2/21/18 to 3/6/18.

In the new business portion of the meeting, council members discussed a proposed resolution to vote in a delegate for the League Associations of Risk Management. A disagreement has broke out between the LARM Board of Directors and the League over who has control over LARM. In the event that there is an election for a board, a member of the Arapahoe City Council can be appointed as a voting delegate. A meeting and voting is to be held March 21st in Beaver City. The resolution, if approved, would be supporting the League’s side. The council discussed tabling the resolution for the next meeting for further discussion.

During committee reports, the council discussed the current patron that cleans the fire barn. Currently the individual gets $50 each time it is cleaned. After some minor remodeling was done, there is more space that needs cleaned and the topic arose to pay the individual $75 each time. Mayor Koller asked if the individual was being paid by the hour and the council would like to know how long it takes to clean the whole area before making a final decision.

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School Board Meet, Discuss Finances on New Building Projects

The Arapahoe Board of Education met for their regular monthly meeting on Monday, March 12, 2018.  Those in attendance included board members Lisa Anderson, Chad Carpenter, Dennis Roskop, Brad Schutz, Dan Warner and Rod Whipple along with superintendent Dr. George Griffith, principal Bob Braitwait and the district’s business manager, Cassie Hilker.  Visitors included Jerry Hoffman and Craig Hilker along with a number of student and teachers Marcia Foley and Heidi Thomas.

  Monthly claims in the total amount of $439,922.41 were reviewed and approved for payment with Carpenter abstaining from the W&J Carpenter claim, Schutz abstaining from the Arapahoe Public Mirror claim and Whipple abstaining from the ATC claim.

The board approved the per diem funds for students attending the state FFA Convention as well as for students attending the National History Day competition.

The board reviewed and approved Pregnant and Parenting Policy 5422, Per Diem Policy 4135 and Coffee Act Policy 8231.

Next the board reviewed the server bid from Nex-Tech which came in at $29,921.10.  Nex-Tech is based in Kansas and has several locations. According to the information provided, Nex-Tech is willing to do Service Provider Invoicing for the E-Rate discounted portion of the project. This means that Nex-Tech will invoice USAC for the 70% discounted portion of this project and the school will only be billed for 30 percent. This bid was approved by the board.

The board once again discussed document scanning and electronic storage of records.  Several bid estimates were presented with the board ultimately deciding that more information was needed. This was tabled until next month’s meeting. 

The pay request from Hausmann Construction was reviewed, discussed and approved for payment in the amount of $677,311.20.

Next the board followed the recommendation of Griffith and approved a teaching contract with Dan Sich of Ansley for the Technology and Information Technology instructor position. He will come to Arapahoe with ten years of AD experience as well. The board also approved the recommendation of Griffith in the hiring of Anna Bade as the Life Sciences teacher.  Bade is currently student teaching in Arapahoe. She comes from Bartley.

The board voted to enter into Executive Session at 8:00 p.m. for the purpose of  discussing the superintendent’s contract.  The entered back into Open Session at 8:06 p.m.   Griffith will receive a $1,000 pay increase and a one year contract extension roll over.  With this raise, Griffith will be paid $111,000 along with the same benefits.  Roskop thanked Griffith for all of his hard work, especially with the building project.

Tabled from last month, the board spent considerable time discussing the purchase of new laptops and iPads.  One topic of discussion was how much student computers are used within the classroom and was the amount of time worth the very large expense and if the board can justify the expense.  Schutz stated that when the One to One Laptop Initiative began it was under the premise that teaching would move toward paperless and he has not seen that happen. Griffith explained that he felt that this had to do with the change in school leadership and it fell through the cracks.  The key would be staff training and someone making sure that things are being followed up, which would fall on his shoulders.  Following the lengthy discussion, the board voted to approve a four-year lease to purchase 110 MacBook Air Laptops for 9-12 and 35 MacBook Pro laptops for teachers and 130 iPads for students in kindergarten through fourth grade for one annual payment for four years of $52,223.98.

Griffith said that he had been contacted by several companies selling weight room equipment and although some of the weight room items will need to be replaced, that is on the long-term list. 

The next board meeting will be held on Monday, April 9, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the school library.  There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:59 p.m.

Read the entire story in the Arapahoe Public Mirror print edition.

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