Rescue squad trains on new CPR equipment

dsc_0295Ambulance Chief John Paulsen and Assistant Ambulance Chief Josh Schrock attended training on the Lucas 2 on October 4th and held training for local rescuers on October 16th. (L-R) Sue Helms, Sarah Leising, Frank Leising, Josh Schrock, Dave Holcomb, John Paulsen, Brandon Yeager and Joe Helms. The Arapahoe volunteer rescue squad recently received their Lucas 2 Device. About a year ago, Ambulance Chief, John Paulsen, wrote a grant for and received the device. A Lucas 2 Device is a mechanical CPR device. Research states that manual CPR is lacking (compared to properly placed mechanical CPR) in regards to quality of perfusion in a code situation. Success of CPR is contingent on quick initiation, quality of compressions and limited breaks in the process. Since the Lucas 2 is mechanical and will not tire, two of the three components are in place regardless of when the code occurred.


State Senator Dan Hughes visits with public Tuesday in Arapahoe

dsc_0306Senator Dan Hughes represents the people of District 44 in Nebraska. He attended the Tuesday luncheon meeting of the Arapahoe Chamber of  Commerce and spoke about various issues including taxes. He spoke about what the legislature has been up to in Lincoln in the past and currently. The gas tax was raised $0.06 over the next three years and $50 million was moved from a reserve fund to help counties and cities with road construction.
A big project planned is turning Highway 83 between McCook and North Platte into a four-lane highway. Senator Hughes also discussed a little on what is going on with the death penalty and Senator Kintner’s misuse of a government computer.

Arapahoe Flour Mill depicted for Nebraska’s anniversary art display

Nebraska native, Todd Williams has been busy for the past five years painting different representations for all 93 counties in Nebraska. The paintings are in a collection that will be displayed at the Nebraska 150 Exhibition in 2017 in celebration of Nebraska’s 150th year of statehood. Williams has worked with historians and leaders in each county of Nebraska to determine historical markers to represent the counties appropriately. It has always been a dream of Williams, born and raised in Merrick County, to do a collection of paintings that represented Nebraska.


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