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Village Board discuss changes with Planning Commission and updates

The Holbrook Village Board met for their regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, February 14, 2017 in the Holbrook Village office. In attendance included trustees Dale Long, Kim Helms, Julie Epley and Tim DeVries; along with the village clerk Darla Halstead and guests Kelsey Runyon, Wesley Hock, Eric Eisenhart, Jo Helms and Janell Ehrke. Trustee Linda Schaben was absent.

Chairman Dale Long opened the meeting at 7:30 p.m. and noted the Open Meetings Policy Act was posted in the room.  The minutes from the January 8, 2017 regular meeting were reviewed and approved.

Wesley Hock was present representing the Planning Commission board. Hock notified the board that Kelsey Runyon had be added to the Planning Commission board. The board approved Runyon. Hock also presented the board with recommendations for revisions on a few articles in the ordinance book. One revision example presented was to not need a building permit for replacing a window or door the same size but if they want a larger window or door a resident would need a building permit. Trustee DeVries stated that there shouldn’t be a permit to replace any window or door no matter the size. The Planning Commission board added a part to the ordinance about tiny homes and stipulations. Other recommendations were made about RV stipulations and trailers being parked at residences and other items such as warning signs on electric fences on residential lots. The board will take the recommendations under advisement. 


In the clerk’s report, Halstead discussed with the board about a workshop for software training on February 20th in Columbus. The Village of Holbrook does not currently have insurance on any sewage. The Village has a bid from Johnson for a management program ranges from $1900 to $4000. A maintenance program has to be in place to be able to purchase insurance with LARM. Halstead suggests getting the program in place and purchasing the insurance. The board made a motion to approve the Johnson bid. Long and Halstead will go to a conference February 25-27th. Halstead suggests getting another person to cover for her in the office. Theresa Rhodes and Kelsey Runyon offered to cover. The board approved new fill in help.

The board discussed the six applications for the part-time opening with another one that didn’t have the application in yet due to illness. Long will not be at the March meeting so Helms will be the Chairman fill in.

Read the complete Village story in this week’s print edition of the Arapahoe Public Mirror.



Filing update for primary election

Primary elections for 2018 are set for Tuesday, May 15th for contests in the state of Nebraska. The deadline for incumbents to file for elections was Thursday, February 15th while those new individuals seeking to run for a position have a deadline of Thursday, March 1 to file.

On a local level for Arapahoe Board of Education, incumbents Lisa Anderson, Dan Warner and Brad Schutz have filed for re-election.

Todd Monie has filed for re-election to the Arapahoe City Council West Ward as well as Chris Middagh. Ward Carpenter has filed for Arapahoe City Council East Ward as an incumbent and John E. Koller has filed for re-election as Arapahoe mayor.

As of Tuesday, no new individuals have filed for election on the City level or School Board making these position placed on the ballot at the general election on November 6th. To be placed on the primary election there has to be one more plus twice the total number of positions being elected.

On the county level, the following incumbents have filed: Kennis McClelland for Furnas County Clerk, Larry Weaver for Furnas County Board of Commissioners District Two along with Bill Hays as a new candidate; William J. Lewis for County Board of Commissioners for District One is being challenged by Mike Sexton, Melody Crawford for Furnas County Assessor, Tom Patterson for Furnas County Attorney, Barbara Powell for Furnas County Treasurer, Kurt Kapperman for Furnas County Sheriff and Victoria A. Barnett for Clerk of District Court. Jennifer Raburn as also filed for that position.

The primary ballot will include the County Board of Commissioners District One race and the Clerk of District Court race. All other races will be on the general election ballot.

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