Arapahoe City Council discuss Schaben Sanitation contract


The regular Arapahoe City Council meeting was called to order on Tuesday, March 20, 2017 by Mayor John E. Koller. Council members in attendance were John Paulsen, Ward Carpenter, Chris Middagh, Todd Monie, Troy tenBensel and Dan Kreutzer. Also attending was City Superintendent Greg Schievelbein, City Clerk and Treasurer Donna Tannahill and City Attorney Kevin Urbom. Guests in attendance were Angie Baumfalk and Terry Galloway. Koller made everyone aware of the open meeting act.

During unfinished business, the council discussed the Schaben Sanitation contract that was presented to them in a prior meeting. The council approved the new contract terms. Also in unfinished business regarding LARM and the League dispute, City Attorney Kevin Urbom recommended the council not pick any sides at this point. The council also discussed the option of getting bids from other insurance companies for the city as some communities are withdrawing from the league and looking elsewhere.

In the new business, the council met with Terry Galloway to discuss the 2016-2017 audit financials. Galloway went over every page in the audit report and explained the numbers to the council. He also showed comparisons of other communities on what their residents pay. Arapahoe is currently slightly under what some other communities pay for city fees and etc. Galloway also touched on the new water rate with Holbrook.

Angie Baumfalk was in attendance regarding her utility bill and questions regarding the discontinuance of her service. Baumfalk wanted to find out if she could make payment arrangements for her utility bill to avoid fees or being shut off. Considerable discussion was made with Baumfalk, the council and Tannahill over the situation. The council explained that they recently made changes to the ordinance regarding late payments that allows no payment arrangements.  Utility bills are considered delinquent after the 20th of each month.

Read the entire story in this week’s Arapahoe Public Mirror.

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