Mirror printing time changes


The Arapahoe Public Mirror has made a change in their printing and delivery schedule. Thanks to the Kearney Hub, our central plant printer, the Arapahoe Public Mirror is now printed late Tuesday afternoon, which means some local subscribers are receiving their newspaper earlier thanks to our local mail carriers.

In the past, the newspaper was printed early on Wednesday morning and would be picked up and brought back to Arapahoe to be labeled and mailed. A few years ago, the Hub also began placing labels on the newspapers and they would be brought back to Arapahoe to be mailed.

The Kearney Hub changed their schedule and the Public Mirror began to be printed late Tuesday afternoons. Recently a window of opportunity opened up for the Hub to not only print the newspaper on Tuesday afternoons but to also label the papers. With this change, the newspapers are now picked up on Tuesday afternoons and delivered to Arapahoe and various post offices first thing Wednesday morning. This early time frame has allowed some subscribers to receive their newspapers on Wednesday instead of Thursday.

The newspaper pages are delivered to the Kearney Hub first thing Tuesday afternoon to be printed, which means that the 9:00 deadline for submitting news, legals and advertising must be adhered to in order for the staff to layout, design and finalize pages before being sent to the Hub.

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