City Council meets

The regular Arapahoe City Council meeting was called to order on Tuesday, April 3, 2017 by Mayor John E. Koller. Council members in attendance were Ward Carpenter, Chris Middagh, Troy tenBensel and Dan Kreutzer. Also attending was City Superintendent Greg Schievelbein and Mary tenBensel filling in for City Clerk Donna Tannahill. Council members John Paulsen and Todd Monie were absent as well as City Clerk Donna Tannahill. Guests in attendance were Don Sandell and Billie Taylor. Koller made everyone aware of the open meeting act.

In the City Superintendent’s report, Schievelbein reported that city wide clean up is currently going on and will finish on April 9th. They haven’t had too many items to pick up. Workers have been getting sprinkler systems ready, doing some street sweeping and mowing on a few city properties. Work has begun at the pool with the water lines being plumbed. The city workers have been busy at the golf course mowing and sanding greens and watering. Schievelbein was contacted by the pool manager regarding the tree next to the pool that drops pods into the water, asking if it can be cut down. Council member Middagh recommended getting it trimmed back. Arapahoe city workers have still been going to Holbrook to chlorinate the water. Paulsen’s gave the city a quote for replacing the sidewalks behind the Arapahoe Public Library. There are areas that have become a safety hazard. The quote is for approximately $5,888. Council made the motion to approve the quote.

Billie Taylor was in attendance regarding the clubhouse at the Arapahoe Golf Course. She presented to the board the idea of doing breakfast at the clubhouse on Wednesday and Fridays possibly form 6-11 am. She will also be able to do to-go orders as well. She is hoping she can get business out there since there is not many options open for breakfast in Arapahoe. The council agreed that it could be a good idea and gave her the go ahead. Council also discussed that Cambridge recently raised their membership fees so it may draw in more members.

Read the complete story in this week’s Public Mirror.

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