Mues experiences South African safari

During our lives, we are often exposed to something that creates an impression in us that turns to a desire to do something out of the ordinary.

For Arapahoe resident, Noel Mues, one of those impressions was the overwhelming desire to see the wild animals of South Africa.  Many times, desires are just that, desires, but for Mues, his desire became a reality when he had the opportunity to visit South Africa recently and to experience a 10-day African safari, complete with perfect weather, hunting from dawn to dusk, seeing a new culture and having a successful hunt.

Mues, along with Dennis Bauer of Ainsworth; Steve Pritchard and Doug Sharp of Albion, traveled from the plains of Nebraska to Johannesburg, South Africa for an experience that began two years ago with the purchase of the safari at an auction.  After six months of paperwork and planning the men boarded a plane at Atlanta, GA for the 16-hour direct flight to Johannesburg. Mues left Arapahoe on March 30 and returned home April 13.

For more of this story, check out this week’s issue of the Arapahoe Public Mirror.

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