School board approves bids

The Arapahoe Board of Education met for their regular monthly meeting on Monday, May 14, 2018 in the school library. Those in attendance included board members Lisa Anderson, Chad Carpenter, Dennis Roskop, Brad Schutz, Dan Warner and Rod Whipple along with superintendent Dr. George Griffith, principal Bob Braithwait and the district business manager, Cassie Hilker. Visitors included Craig Hilker, Kaitlin Spaulding, Glenna Hoefs, Rachel Rice, Valerie Leising, Marcia Foley, Sue Helms,  Brenda Goshert, Isaac Goshert, Hannah Jenkins, Chloe Carlson, Brandon Tucker and Dalton Franssen. 

Dr. Griffith reported that Dan Schaben has had success in the robotics program with autonomous robots designed to move without running into anything. He and the students have also had success in getting a drone built and flying. In the new construction, flooring is being installed and final cleanup for some rooms has started. They will be moving items in the week of May 21 but will not be able to use rooms until late July . The warranty on the facility does not start until they can actually use the area. The staff has come together to help each other in the moving process. Some students have expressed interest in helping with the move. In order to do so, they must have a signed parent/guardian permission form.  The new computer teacher has found a home and ready to get started. The backpack program has ended for the year, with the school sending 45-50 backpacks weekly.  A letter from exchange student, Rezi Khalvashi, was received by Griffith. The letter offered his sincere apology for posting inappropriate pictures on social media from prom night.  The pictures have been removed.

The board did approve bids for expansion joints from HCI  in the amount of $27,000 which was $7,755 under budget. Soffit/facia panels bid from HCI  in the amount of $2,000 which is $20,063 under budget. Sealants, caulking and resinous flooring from HCI in the amount of $22,000 which was $17,040 under budget. 

The board also approved  bids that had been redone. Those bids were for structural demolition from Leising Construction in the amount of $143,820 which was $31,180 under budget;  Specialties from EPCO in the amount of $39,710 which was $2,600 under budget; Gymnasium equipment and bleacher awarded to Interkal in the amount of $105,665 and Great Plains Sports Flooring in the amount of $54,625 with these bids coming in $21,310 under budget.

The board reviewed the Blue Cross/Blue Shield subgroup application regarding part-time employees.  The current policy states that if someone works a minimum of 17.5 hours a week, the district must offer to pay for their insurance.  Upon the recommendation, the hours were raised to 25.  This will not effect any current employees. The board approved the change.

Starting with the incoming freshman class, the board updated the graduation requirements.  The hours necessary for graduation remain the same at 240. Classes graduating prior to 2022 will be required to fulfill the graduation requirements in the 2017-2018 board policy.

The board also approved the Academic Content Standards Policy #6212. This had last been updated in 2014-2015.

Next on the agenda the board spent considerable time discussing the Leave Without Pay Policy.  In part,  the revised policy requires all staff members to accumulated sick leave in order to receive disability benefits.  All staff must use accumulated leave prior to taking unpaid leave.  An employee who has exhausted all accumulated leave but is unable to return to work for medical reasons or to care for an immediate family member shall retain district paid benefits for a period of not more than two-months of unpaid leave.  At the end of the two month period of unpaid leave, the employee will no longer qualify for the district’s benefit plan at which time the employee will receive information on and will be eligible for health insurance through COBRA at the employee’s expense.  A deduction of the employee’s salary will occur at a per-diem rate calculated using the number of contracted days (employee specific) for each day of unpaid leave.  The board ultimately approved this policy.

The board approved the additional cost to the reading series WonderWorks for special needs student. The change allows for the purchase of additional books and shipping and handling in the amount of $11,436.62.  The board also approved the purchase of the English Language Arts Series for grades seven and eight  in the amount of $7,423.32.

To read the entire board story, read this week’s print edition of the Arapahoe Public Mirror. 

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