City Council approves building permits

The regular Arapahoe City Council meeting was called to order on Tuesday, May 8, 2018 by Mayor John E. Koller. Council members in attendance were Ward Carpenter, Chris Middagh, John Paulsen, Troy tenBensel, Todd Monie and Dan Kreutzer. Also attending was City Superintendent Greg Schievelbein. Guests in attendance were Mary tenBensel and Donnie McCorkle. Koller made everyone aware of the open meeting act.

The Council approved the following agenda items:

  • Minutes from the May 8, 2018 regular meeting.
  • Claims and payroll from the period of 5/09/18 to 5/22/18.
  • Building Permits approved: Matt Faw, awning and signs; Wayne Lee, concrete slab and storage unit;  Tracy Kennicutt, 70’ x 12’ trailer and 10’x20’ dog kennel; Tom and Linda Leising, new home at Northern Estates, garage and covered patio; John Paulsen, addition to North side of garage for storage; St. Germanus, expand existing garage, add lean-to and re-side and roof garage.

Council discussed building permit for Kennicutt and agreed to approve the building permit on condition that an unauthorized propane tank be removed from the property.

In the City Superintendent’s report, Schievelbein reported that Adams Construction dug a new tree pit at the dump. The pool has been filled and the heater is started up and heating the pool. The boiler was inspected and everything passed fine, the pool is also holding water better after cracks were sealed. The splash pad is also up and running. The city workers have been working on a couple of water main taps and the street sweeper has been repaired. They have also been doing the regular mowing and weed eating in town and at the golf course. Schievelbein discussed with the council about a dirt pile that is sitting on two lots at Northern Estates that are sold. The property owners would like the pile to be moved. Schievelbein discussed with Adams Construction to move the pile for $3000 which is half of what it would usually cost. Council members discussed keeping some of the dirt for city use and to store it on another city owned spot.

In the clerk’s report,  tenBensel stated that Tannahill is working on the budget for the fiscal year and hoping to have it done by June.

In the unfinished business portion of the meeting, the council met with Donnie McCorkle regarding the back up cost estimate after the trial was done. The city needs the 50 GB plan for now and it will cost around $94 monthly or the city can pay yearly and get a 10% discount. Council approved to pay yearly for the new backup system.

In the new business portion of the meeting, the council discussed how to keep up the momentum for any further selling of the Northern Estates lots. The members are considering extending different funding promotions after the first three lots are sold.

In Committee reports, council members discussed the committee that Robyn Hermes is getting together for the Nebraska Extension Economic Development. The council also discussed the odorous smell situation and West Central is taking care of the issue and will be contacting the Nebraska State Patrol to help resolve the issue. 

In the Fire Department report, Paulsen stated that four out of the six EMTs have passed their national tests and have their licenses back and can now run calls. The other two still need to take their tests. The department had 15 calls last month. There was a CPR class held for lifeguards and nursing home staff that went well. The department is also looking at $3000 worth of repairs on the city owned pumper truck.

The Golf board met and discussed new blades for the greens mower to use after sanding to help the good blades last longer. The golf course is looking great.

In the Elected Officials portion of the meeting the council discussed the street dance that was to be held on Saturday, May 26 and the Scouts contacted Paulsen about doing a flag burning over the 4th of July celebrations at the park.

No further business was presented and the meeting was adjourned.

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