Arapahoe Alumni banquet held Saturday

Terry Polston welcomed everyone to the 2018 Arapahoe High School Alumni Banquet on Saturday, May 26, 2018. The group gathered at the Ella Missing Community Center. He asked everyone to join him in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and after a short response, Polston welcomed the Class of 2018 spokesperson for the class,  Spencer Watson to the podium. Watson thanked everyone for giving his class the opportunity to attend the banquet and commented “I guess we all graduated”. Morgan Deisley led with an invocation before the dinner. The National History Day students helped serve salads and refreshments to tables, the Alumni Board will be donating to their upcoming trip to Washington D.C. for Nationals.

Polston started with the recognition of the Class of 1948 celebrating their 70th class reunion. The class had 25 graduates and seven are still living. There were five ladies in attendance.

Polston conducted the class roll call from celebrating 70 years all the way until five years for the Class of 2008. Pam Breinig was welcomed to the stage to present the introduction of the Class of 2018. Twelve members from the class attended the banquet and Breinig described the class as a great group of students. Breinig also reminded everyone in attendance that the Arapahoe-Holbrook Education Foundation is always looking for donations to go into scholarship funds for high school graduates. Polston thanked everyone for attending and ended the business meeting and welcomed everyone to attend the street dance featuring Blackjack. 

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