Holbrook Village board approves electrical update with Twin Valleys

The Holbrook Village Board met for their regular monthly meeting on Monday, May 14, 2018 in the Holbrook Village office. Trustees in attendance included Kim Helms, Julie Epley, Linda Schaben and Tim DeVries; along with the village clerk Darla Halstead and village superintendent Joe Helms along with guests Dave Custer, Sandra Stagemeyer, Kelsey Runyon, Kevin Huntley and Wesley Hock.

The board appointed Kim Helms as Chairman Pro Tempore for the meeting.

Helms opened the meeting at 7:30 p.m. and noted the Open Meetings Policy Act was posted in the room.  The minutes from the May 14, 2018 regular meeting were reviewed and approved. The board discussed claims and approved payments in the amount of $25,057.13.

Dave Custer along with Sandra Stagemeyer presented the board with a presentation on the retail agreement. He gave some information of the history of Twin Valleys in Holbrook. The existing transformer platform has been there for 67 years and the Village of Holbrook currently has a Delta system that is an inefficient way to deliver power while Twin Valleys has a WYE System that distributes better voltage.

Custer presented four options for the Village of Holbrook:

  1. Leaving the system but replacing the old transformer,
  2. Convert to an electric distribution system at the cost of the Village,
  3. The Village and Twin Valleys would go into an agreement of a 20-year lease with Twin Valleys covering most of the cost for the conversion to the new electrical system. The Village would still own the system but there would be an increase in the service for the customers,
  4. Twin Valleys would acquire the Village of Holbrook’s electrical system and no revenue would come back to the Village for electrical services.

Twin Valleys has drove around the Village and noticed a tree problem, the tree problem will be fixed at the Village’s expense. There is a public meeting scheduled for June 26. If option number three is chosen, replacing meter’s, the electrical service and Twin Valley will take place in September.

The increase for the average customer will be around $12.  The lease payment of 12% margins is paid at the end of every month.  A perk would be the customers will be able to pay their bill online or with an app on their phone. A rough estimate shows the Village of Holbrook having a margin of $14,000 per year. Custer explained that Twin Valleys is not making the Village change their systems but further down the line Twin Valleys will not want to work on the electrical system due to the unsafe lines and system.

The Village went into executive session to look over the Twin Valleys proposals. The Village returned to open session and a motion to approve and proceed with Twin Valleys option number three.

To read the entire Village Board story, see this week’s print edition of the Arapahoe Public Mirror.

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