Saturday storms send rain, hail to area

A quiet Saturday turned into an afternoon and evening of rain and hail for people in Furnas County and the surrounding area as clouds began to form early in the afternoon and by 3:00 hail and rain was falling in the area.

According the the National Weather Service in Hastings, a surface frontal boundary draped across the area along with an upper level disturbance were the driving forces behind the storms in the area. Lighting, wind, rain and hail hit the area with severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado warnings being made throughout the afternoon.

Following the afternoon weather event, the skies geared up to give the area another round of storms later in the evening with additional rain being the main event.

According to the National Weather Service Hastings website, rain totals in Furnas County ranged from just one-half inch in the southern portion of the county to up to three inches at the Furnas-Gosper County line while places in southeast Gosper County recorded four to five inches of precipitation.

Kate Meyers of First State Insurance in Holbrook reported that most of her clients in Arapahoe had damage to vehicles with broken windows and dents and homes being reported to have damage on siding and roofs. She also commented that the Holbrook area received approximately 1.55” of rain and not much hail. She also noted that a few corn fields were stripped but it would be seven to 10 days before damaged was evaluated.

Mason Schroeder of HomeTown Agency in Arapahoe commented the hail that came with the storm seemed to begin about four and one-half miles south of Arapahoe with the area probably receiving the brunt of the storm in Furnas County with corn stalks being stripped. He also stated that it would be seven to 10 days before the damage will be assessed. He also has had claims turned in about vehicles and roofs along with crops. Schroeder also commented that one area of a field may have been hit hard but move to the other end and there would be little damage or the field across the road did not receive any damage. Schroeder said he reported about 1.80” of rain in Arapahoe.

There was damage at the Arapahoe Golf Course as hail damaged a number of greens to postpone Sunday’s firemen’s golf tournament.

The extended forecast for the week shows that hot and humid conditions will hit for the Fourth of July holiday and continue throughout the week bringing with it a chance of showers and thunderstorms through the rest of the week.

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