Storms hits west of Holbrook, brings hail damage to crops

Another storm visits the area last Thursday evening, July 26th with the eye of the damage hitting west of Holbrook. A calm day turned into skies bringing rain, hail and wind to an area west of Holbrook stretching approximately nine miles, a few south and only a few miles wide. The small area produced enough hail that mowed off some soybean fields and left corn fields bruised and battered.
According to Kate Meyers, of First State Insurance in Holbrook, damage from the storm began on the west edge of Holbrook and didn’t produce much damage in town except for tree limbs for the most part. The area also received two to three inches of rain and gusty winds.
Crops west of town took the brunt of the storm with some soybeans fields being stripped to the ground. Corn damage shows stalks ripped and broken. Meyers noted that damaged soybean fields will probably be totaled but those fields with damaged corn will have to continue to take care of the crops. It will be a waiting game until harvest to see the damage the hail did to the corn crops production. Meyers noted that some fields may be chopped instead of harvesting the crop.
Weather conditions for the rest of the week show a warming trend which is needed for crops to continue to mature. According to the USDA’s National Ag Statistics, crops across Nebraska are 38% at the dough stage and two percent dented, ahead of last year’s crops. Soybeans are 50% setting pods and again are ahead of last year’s crops.

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