Arapahoe City Council report

The regular Arapahoe City Council meeting was called to order on Tuesday, August 7, 2018 by Mayor John E. Koller. Council members in attendance were Chris Middagh, Todd Monie, Dan Kreutzer and John Paulsen. Council member Troy ten Bensel and Ward Carpenter were absent along with City Clerk Donna Tannahill. Also attending was City Superintendent Greg Schievelbein, and City Clerk Mary ten Bensel. Koller made everyone aware of the open meeting act.
The Council approved the following agenda items:
• Minutes from the July 24, 2018 regular meeting.
• Claims and payroll from the period of 7/25/18 to 8/07/18.
In the City Superintendent’s report, Schievelbein reported that the city workers have been mowing, weed eating and spraying in town and at the golf course. They are still spraying twice a week for mosquitos. West Central Economic Development officials were in town and the city workers only had to help clean up one property out of the four that were on the list. They had also sent out letters for property owners to mow their properties.
In the clerk’s report, ten Bensel stated that Tannahill would like permission to attend an annual conference coming up soon. LARM is in the process of issuing checks for the storm damage and when the work is completed the contractors need to submit their bills to see if there are any differences. A few compressors need to be replaced or repaired in the air conditioning units in the Ella Missing building. Council memebers discussed contacting the company that installed the pool heaters to see if they could take a look the current company who does the repairs cannot get parts for two or three weeks.
In the Elected Officials portion of the meeting the council members went into closed session. Once back into open session, Schievelbein asked what the rates to charge for the cleanup of properties in town. Council discussed and decided to charge what they charge to mow; $100 to get equipment on the property and then $50 an hour for the labor.
No further business was presented and the meeting was adjourned.

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