DCE Intern begins at Trinity Lutheran Church

Growing up as a child of a pastor, and seeing faith lived out by others are only two reasons that Krista Rodriguez is in the process of becoming a Director of Christian Education (DCE) in the Lutheran church. Krista will be working to share God’s Word and build faith maturity with people of all ages. According to the 1999 DCE Summit, a DCE is “empowered by the Holy Spirit, the DCE plans, administers and assesses ministry that nurtures and equips people as the Body of Christ for spiritual maturity, service and witness in home, job, congregation, community and the world.”
Krista recently graduated from Concordia University in Seward and will be the DCE intern at Trinity Lutheran Church in Arapahoe for the next year. As a graduate of Concordia, she earned a double major in Education and Christian Educational Leadership. Krista followed the path set by her parents and siblings as they all attended Concordia University.
Krista said her favorite courses during college were the theology courses and gives credit to Concordia for teaching in a way that really made you understand what you believe.
Krista was born in Illinois but spent nine years in Lincoln where her father was a Lutheran pastor, the family has lived in Serbin, Texas for the past 10 years where her father is pastor at St. Paul Lutheran Church and her mother is the Director at St. Paul Lutheran Early Childhood Center. Serving others through the church doesn’t stop with Krista’s parents and herself, her brother is a high school theology teacher and technology coordinator in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and her older sister is a computer programmer in Ozark, Missouri.
Krista said she was moved to become a DCE when she attended a camp with her father and saw another DCE sharing their faith with others. She said growing up, her father’s ministry was a family ministry as they were all involved in every aspect of the church and went on visitations and shut-in calls with her father. “I loved that experience with the church,” Krista said.
As a college graduate she will take on a new role at Trinity as an intern and is learning “patience in all area” and “letting God work in what is happening.”
Through the year Krista will have visits from her supervisor from Concordia and she is required to make home visits to members of the congregation. She has many ideas and projects for Trinity and is currently working on organizing a young persons Bible study and will be teaching a 101 Bible class to second grade students on how to use the Bible. Throughout the year she will be also working with the Lutheran Youth Fellowship groups.
Krista and her husband, Pablo, were married in June and moved to Arapahoe the first of July. She said he is very supportive of church ministry and also enjoys serving the church. Pablo is employed by The Maschhoffs and has been liked the new experience and learning new skills.
Krista said she and Pablo have been overwhelmed with the generous welcome from the congregation and their support. Krista said they are “excited to be here and it is awesome to be practicing and making connections.”
Krista is at Trinity Lutheran Church in Arapahoe Monday through Friday and welcomes people to stop by the church and visit with her.

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