Furnas County 4-H’ers exhibit at 2018 Nebraska State Fair

News from Nebraska Extension in Furnas County

Thirty-One Furnas County 4-H’ers exhibited both static and livestock at the 2018 Nebraska State Fair.    Special recognition went to Kristin Holcomb’s photography (Smart Phone Candid Capture Exhibit Print) and was selected to be on display at CASNR and Extension Dean’s Office.  Kolby Hunt’s Electrical Item (lamp) also received special recognition.

Following is a list of exhibitors and their entries:

Leah Downer:

Blue – Coffee Cake

Purple – 4-H Fashion Show – Steam Clothing 2 Garment

Red – 4-H Fashion Show – Shopping in Style

Anna Fisher

Blue – Steam Clothing 3 – Unlined Jacket

Micah Gerlach

Purple – Loaf Quick Bread

Red – Furniture – Outdoor Living – Bench

Adellyn Hoefs

Purple – Furniture – Recycled/Remade

Purple – Steam Clothing 2 – Dress

Purple – Horticulture – Basil

Landen Hoefs

Purple – Woodworking Article

Kristin Holcomb

Purple – Smart Phone Candid Capture Exhibit Print

Kolby Hunt

Purple – Electrical Item

Wyatt Jackson

Purple – Original Oil Painting

Destry Jorgensen

Purple – Upcycled Item for the home

Hope Koller

Purple – Herford Yearling Heifer

Blue – Crossbred Steer

Blue – Intermediate Beef Showman

Mitchell McCann

Blue – Intermediate Sheep Showman

Blue –  Market Lambs (3)

Garrett Miller

Blue – Market Heifer

Thatcher Patterson

Blue – Market Goat

Jordan Ruf

Blue – Market Steer

Blue – Intermediate Beef Showmanship

Jayden Ruf

Blue – Market Steer

Blue – Intermediate Beef Showmansip

Clay Sayer

Blue – Cooking 401 – Candy

Taylor Sayer

Red – Desert Garden

Capri Syer

Red – Desert Garden

Dierks Sayer

White – Flowering Potted Plant

Mandy Schoen

Purple –Photography – Composition Exhibit Print

Eli Shafer

Blue – Market Steers (2)

Blue – Intermediate Beef Showmanship

Konnor Shifflet

Blue – Market Steer

Blue – Intermediate Beef Showmanship

Aubree Warner

Blue – Market Lamb

Nathan Shafer

Blue – Cooking 301 – Dinner Rolls

Purple – Shortened Cake

Blue – Food Preservation – 1 Jar Fruit Exhibit;  1 Jar Jelly Exhibit

Red – Food Preservation – 1 Jar Tomato Exhibit

Blue – Entomology Display – 3rd year

Blue – Horticulture – Slicing Cucumbers; Sweet (non-bell) peppers, Miniature Pumpkins

Red – Horticulture – Beets

Purple – Woodworking – Bench

Red – Forestry – Leaf Display

Gentry Warner

Blue – Market Steer

Blue – Intermediate Beef Showmanship

Berkley Warner

Purple – Market Steer

Blue – Intermediate Beef Showmanship

Makenna Whetstine

Blue – Heritage -HistoryP Notebook

Red – Level 1 Quilt

Madison Whetstine

Blue – Heritage – Framed Family Photos

Kaiden Whetstine

Blue – Robotics

Blue – Heritage – Framed Family Photos

Megan tenBensel

Blue – Breeding Meat Goat:  Market Goat  (2)

Blue – Intermediate Meat Goat Showmanship

Blue – Photography (2)

Purple – Steam Clothing 2 – Dress

Caleb tenBensel

Blue – Breeding Meat Goat

Purple – Goat Showmanship

Purple – Breeding Meat Goat

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