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AHS v Wauneta-Palisade

The Broncos did not hold back to start the game against Arapahoe.  They had their offense rolling in the first quarter with 22 points.  Arapahoe did everything they could to stay in the game, but found themselves down by ten after scoring 12 points.  Wauneta-Palisade kept the scoring going in the second quarter.  They scored another 18 points.  Arapahoe finished the second quarter with 13 points.  The Broncos held a 40-25 lead at halftime.  Arapahoe started to get some offensive plays to go their way in the third quarter.  They finished with 15 points.  The Broncos slowed down in the second half.  They had 13 points in the third, but still held a 13-point lead going into the fourth.  Arapahoe’s offense clicked in the fourth quarter.  They poured out 19 points, but it was not enough to overcome the hole they were in.  Wauneta-Palisade scored nine points in the final quarter to eek out a 62-59 win.

Arapahoe had the opportunities to score.  They had 65 shots in the game, but only converted 32 percent.  They were 4-11 from long range.  The Warriors found chances at the free throw line too.  They had 20 free throw attempts, making 11.  Arapahoe struggled with turnovers.  They had 24 for in the game.  They finished with 11 steals and eight offensive boards.  The Warriors pulled down 35 total rebounds in the game.  They had eight assists.

Yordi Gutierrez finished with 23 points, five rebounds, three assists, five steals, and one block.  Rebounds was the only statistical category he did not lead or share the lead for.  Carson Schroeder added 20 points and 11 rebounds, contributing a double-double for Arapahoe.  Gentry Anderson had seven points.

AHS v Maxwell

Arapahoe struggled to get their offense going against Maxwell.  They scored five points in the first quarter.  Maxwell had eight points.  The Wildcats turned out an 18-point second quarter to extend their lead.  Arapahoe scored 11 in the second quarter, trailing 26-16 at halftime.  Maxwell struggled to get the ball in the basket in the third quarter.  They had four points.  Arapahoe took advantage and clawed their way back into the game.  They finished with 13 points in the quarter, trailing by a single point going into the fourth.  The Warriors continued to have shooting troubles in the fourth, but found themselves at the free throw line.  They finished with 16 points in the fourth.  Maxwell scored eight points in the fourth quarter.  Arapahoe did not make it look pretty, but they gutted out a 45-38 win.

Missed shots was the story for the Warriors against Maxwell.  They shot 16 percent from the floor and five percent from three-point range, 1-19.  Arapahoe’s only saving grace was their free throw shooting.  They still left a number of free points on the line, but they turned out 24-41 shooting from the charity strike.  Arapahoe hit the glass hard, pulling down 45 rebounds with 16 coming on the offensive glass.  They only had three assists, but turned out 18 steals.  The Warriors also had 18 turnovers.  

Gentry Anderson finished with a double-double.  He had 18 points on 3-17 shooting, 14 rebounds, and five steals.  Carson Schroeder added 13 points on 3-15 shooting, seven rebounds, and four steals.  Yordi Gutierrez had seven points and seven rebounds.

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