Arapahoe Library holds Superhero Award Night

Children from around the area played games at the Library’s Superhero Award Night games. The children involved in the summer reading program had the night to celebrate with games, snacks, and superhero photo opportunities.






Whipple changes look, genre

A change of genre and look turns Alexa Whipple – country singer into Alexa Kriss, the pop rock singer.
With her new edgier look and sound, Whipple says she’s still the same person.
“It’s actually just a marketing thing; because I started doing traditional country I have a pretty big following in that area as Alexa Whipple. So my producer in Nashville said it would probably be best to change the name since we are changing the genre.”
Her new name was a simple twist of her real name. “My middle name is Christina like my mom’s but with a C instead of a K. We needed something a little more edgy instead of the C , it really just fit perfectly,” she said. She says if you look at some of the people in the music industry, the K sound seems to display prominently.
Her new rock look has her sporting funky hair, red heels, and a visible tattoo.

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