Arapahoe school board hear concerns

The Arapahoe Board of Education met for their regular monthly meeting on Monday, April 8, 2019 in the conference room.  Those in attendance included board members Lisa Anderson, Chad Carpenter, Dennis Roskop, Brad Schutz, Dan Warner and Rod Whipple along with superintendent Dr. George Griffith, principal Bob Braithwait and the district business manager, Cassie Hilker.  Visitors included Pam Breinig, Julie Stagemeyer, Lisa Schutz, Heidi Thomas, Dale Helms, Jerry Hoffman, Maggie Weatherwax and Grant Taylor.  

Dale Helms addressed the board with his concerns regarding the board looking into a management company to run the food service program at the school.  He stated he didn’t think it was right to pay someone out of town (management company)  to do what the current kitchen takes care of and have done so for years.  He also asked if any of the board members have personally visited with any of the kitchen staff.  He stated that he was not very happy about any of this, especially because he only found out about it by reading it in the paper.  

Heidi Thomas was the next to address the board, thanking them for their support allowing students to attend the various events including History Day. She noted that she would like to take students again next year.  She brought with her two students to request per diem funds who qualified for National History Day.   Pam Breinig stated that she was in attendance to answer any questions the board might have after reading a recent article in the paper.  She addressed how things were before she retired, teaching English and serving as the guidance counselor.  She stated that 20 percent of the students require 80 percent of her time as a guidance counselor.  After some discussion, the board will be referring back to Breinig to gather more information.  

The board discussed how the board minutes are currently advertised.  Currently the board publishes the minutes in their complete entirety.  It has been questioned if this is necessary or if the minutes can be summarized.  The school’s attorney said that as long as a full copy of the minutes are on file, a summary is legal.  After some discussion, the board voted to print a summary of the minutes with a complete audio version available on the school’s website for those that would like to hear it all.  Schutz abstained from the vote.

Change request 112 for a custom threshold for the kindergarten room as the existing conditions did not allow for the specified threshold to work at a cost of $339.14.  They also approved change request 113 in response to some of the fire alarms not being ran in conduit in the existing school renovation at $1,471.00 credit. Change order 004 in the amount of $5,355.59 was also approved.

Bids for landscaping and irrigation were reviewed with the board approving the bid from Tilley’s for $177,013.00. This item was budgeted at $148,254. They also approved the bid for the Final Clean from HCI in the amount of $62,515, the budget amount was $79,231. The pay request from Hausmann Construction for $11,938.75 was also approved. 

The board reviewed and discussed repairing the roof above the stage storage area.  The board voted to table this item until more information can be obtained.  

The bid from Tillotson Enterprises was approved to repair the roof on the band and music room storage area in the amount of $11,821.

Three options of a new school calendar for the 2019-2020 school year were reviewed extensively by the board.  The board voted to approve draft four which slightly changes spring break allowing for two, four day weekends.

The board reviewed bids for three roof top units, two for the north gym and one for the weight room.  The board approved the bid from Day and Night Services in the amount of $34,125.06 with the school paying for the approximate expense of  $6,000 to rent a crane and other miscellaneous items. The other bid was from Rutt’s in the amount of $42,500. 

The board approved advertising for someone to fill the tech position that is now open. 

The next regular meeting for the board will be on Monday, May 13 at 7:00 p.m.  

Read the complete story in this week’s print edition of the Arapahoe Public Mirror.

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