Elwood School board meeting

The Elwood Board of Education met for their regular monthy meeting on Monday, May 13, 2019. 

Those in attendance included board members Bill Brell, Kristy Diefenbaugh, Kelly Gydesen, Shelly Jorges, and Jeff Moore along with superintendent Daren Hatch.  Hillary Bentley, Reed Kraeger and Zach Edwards  were visitors. Board member Nick Niemeier was absent. 

The board approved the following items:

New weight room flooring from a quote by Bryns Flooring.  The money will come from the Special Building Fund.

A teaching contract was approved for Darin Exstrom as the 7-12 Special Education teacher.  

The resignation of Hillary Bentley was approved.

The board moved forward with a new wrestling mat and approved the purchase.  The old mat was approved as surplus property for sale.

The board approved a three year lease with Apple for an ipad lease.

The purchase of new science text books was discussed and approved for grades sixth through eighth grades as well as new microscopes for the science department. 

A 60 month copier/printer lease with Eakes was approved by the board.

Next the board discussed  and approved raising breakfast and lunch prices for next  school year. The  K-6 breakfast prices will raise .05 to $2.05  and adult breakfast will also raise $.05 to $2.60.  Lunch prices for PK through 6th grade will be raised .10 making lunch $2.90 and 7-12 raising $.05 to $3.05 and adults also raised $.05 to $3.75. 

The revision of policy #5001 Compulsory Attendance and Excessive Absenteeism was reveiwed and approved.

The HVAC quote from Jones Plumbing for HVAC roof top unit on the kitchen was approved.

The board also approved the implementation of the Elwood Public Schools Facilities Improvement Project. 

The Construction Management agreement with BD Construction of Kearney was approved.

The next meeting for the Elwood Board of Education will be held on Monday, June 10, 2019 at 7:30 p.m.

Read the complete story in this week’s print or e-edition of the Elwood Bulletin.

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