Holbrook Village Board discuss livestock in city limits

The Holbrook Village Board met for their regular monthly meeting on Monday, June 10, 2019 in the board room of the Holbrook Village Office.

Those in attendance were Chairman Julie Epley, Trustees, Shelley Johnson, Matt Schulz, and Darren Huxoll. Sheila Pearson was absent as she had resigned her position as trustee earlier. Also in attendance were Village Superintendent Joe Helms and Village Clerk Darla Halstead.

Chairman Epley called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. and noted the board followed the Open Meeting Policy Act which is posted in the room. The chairman acknowledged visitors Kelsey Runion, Wes Hock, Doug Brown, Ken Cobb, Lori Metzger and April Taylor with the Arapahoe Public Mirror. Nate Mustion joined the meeting via conference call. Jerry Lambert and Rick Steinhour came late.

Jerry Lambert was approved by the board to serve as the Planning and Zoning Commissioner.

The board discussed at great length a formal complaint letter regarding livestock within the city limits. It was advised by the village attorney to contact the Department of Natural Resources as there is run off contaminating water sources. Village attorney, Nate Mustion, also advised the board to draft a letter outlining all of the ordinance violations and to notify the state authorities.

Village Clerk, Darla Halstead, shared with the board a grant from CDBG. This grant would possibly pay for sidewalk repairs needed outside of the community building. The board approved Halstead’s request to being the grant process. Halstead will be attending clerk school this week. Following that she will meet with the board to go over the village budget. It was reported the owner of four buildings downtown has plans to demo said buildings. Mustion advised to send a letter to the owner as they are in violation of village ordinance.

The board approved a request from ATC Communications to turn back on a street light that illuminates one of the companies peds.

At this time Chairperson Julie Epley presented the board with a resignation letter. Epley has resigned her position as chairperson effective immediately. As there was no longer a quorum and no chairperson the meeting had to be adjourned. As the village attorney and with legal authority, Nate Mustion appointed Matt Schulz as temporarily able to cosign the village payroll until a new chairperson is appointed.

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