Arapahoe Board of Education approve policies, change requests

The Arapahoe Board of Education met Monday evening, July 8th in the board room at Arapahoe Public Schools. Board members in attendance were Dennis Roskop, Rod Whipple, Lisa Anderson, Chad Carpenter and Brad Schutz. Dan Warner was absent. Also in attendance was Superintendent Dr. George Griffith and Business Manager Cassie Hilker along with Drew tenBensel, Jerry Hoffman, Heidi Thomas and Gayle Schutz.

President of the Board, Dennis Roskop, opened the meeting, noting that Open Meetings Act was displayed, and called the meeting to order.

Dr. Griffith reported the City Council has approved plans for making the crosswalks on Highway 283 and Walnut Street safer for students. This will include extending the walk ways out all four corners and making the walk ways ADA compliant. This project will take place when the State of Nebraska resurfaces the highway.

A bid for the pole vault area upgrade of $29,000 plus concrete and one for FAT (timing) system for track meets of $5,414 had been received. Dr. Griffith reported he is waiting on additional bids on the pole vault upgrade.

Dr. Griffith reported that he is working on the start of the year workdays and has had trouble with the key card system as the doors were needing software updates.

He also commented on state aid certification, assessed valuations and holding a budget meeting early in August. Dr. Griffith said the new mower was in and that things are going well around the school.

Board member and committee reports including the recent walk through of the building with a few repairs needing made and a few items to be completed on the punch list which include window repair, work on the gym floor and living floors in the art room and offices.

Carpenter reported that the transportation committee has met and decided that there would be a single pick up/drop off point in other towns and two pickup/drop off points in Arapahoe for students riding buses.

The building and grounds committee discussed the cement work needed at the north door area of the agriculture room as the cement slopes down into the area. 

The board approved the following agenda items:

•Consent agenda which included minutes and financial reports which include the following fund balances:

General Fund $1,043,191.70

Building Fund$1,767,678.48

Bond Fund $459,803.08

Bus Depreciation $0.00

Equipment Depreciation $50,266.07

Qualified Capital Purpose Undertaking $55.38

Employee Benefit $4,537.21

Section 125 $5,394.66

Student Fees $23,391.28

School Lunch $32,604.38

Activities $78,025.29

•Claims in the amount of $81,348.31; payroll in the amount of $264,800.50; totaling $346,148.81.

•Student fee policy which includes raising elementary lunch prices from $2.75 to $2.85, secondary lunch prices from $3.00 to $3.10 and seconds by 10 cents with ala-carte items specific (cash sales only) and seconds by 10 cents; eliminate band fee; increase Drivers Education class fee.

•After much discussion, the board approved a change to the pre-school fee going from $100 a month to $6.00 per day and students pay for lunch. 

•Bullying policy, attendance policy, multicultural policies, parental involvement policy.

•Change Request 091 to Hausmann Construction for work to be down on the mezzanine supply fan. Dr. Griffith stated that the new design includes an exhaust fan on top of the roof for the air conditioning units to work properly. The board approved the change request in the amount of $13,239.62.

•Change Request 118 to Hausmann Construction for the installation and supply of snow guards. Dr. Griffith commented that this would help with the ice and snow problems they have had. The of the change order would be $6,740.31.

•Hausmann payment of $104,106.50.

•Parent/Student handbook, activity handbook and staff handbook with the parent/student handbook stating that parking on the south side of the school would be visitor parking, staff and students would have parking in designated areas in the north parking lots. A bowling team was added to the school club activity list. 

The board discussed a request for instrument storage in the band room, at a cost of $17,851.00. Roskop reported that the Building and Grounds discussed the request and felt that instead of having these types of projects be brought to the board at various times, the board should begin to set up a program for addressing these types of requests in order to plan for the future. The board took no action on the purchase request.

The board also held a lengthy discussion on their option enrollment resolution. Discussing class size, program capacity and cost of option enrollment. Dr. Griffith asked the board for more input on the resolution for the August meeting. 

The board went into executive session at 8:48 to discuss personnel and returned to regular session at 8:55 followed by adjournment of the meeting. 

On Monday, August 12 the American Civics committee with meet at 5:30 p.m., the finance committee will meet at 6:00 p.m. and the regular board meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. All meeting will be held in the school board room.

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